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Black Magic Cam ( ANY user?)

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" without increasing the the cost very much----- "

please clarify..


I believe he means that the 552 has the ability to accept timecode through the RTN B TA3 input, which stamps the files with the correct timecode when you are connected to a sync box and press record. The 552 doesn't have a timecode generator inside which is what usually drives the price up substantially in both cameras and recorders (at least for good timecode generators), but you still are able to get timecode stamped files, which makes it a completely acceptable solution for sync'ing sound to picture in post.


To J.D.'s point, which I think I would agree as well, the BMC could at least have this feature (or one similar to it), without driving the price up substantially. It would then make it a much better camera to work with (but they still should put meters in the display).

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Just done 2 days with one


Camear mike works as a guide for replay


I do not feed code or audio


Cheap job cheap approach


Camera owner/op very twitchy about the gear - walk away!


Director complains about about using a focus puller but told it's a very flimsy rig!!!


Gee words I have never used



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boomx2: " Go double system with a clap: NO GEAR on the cam, lol! "

that is not a joke: if the camera dept resists the gear, then no-problem... let the UPM (or whoever) know why they will be doing sync sound the old fashioned way, and let them work it out.

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