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Bumblebee Lav Windscreens

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I'm just curious if folks have been using these windscreens:





I have been using rycotes but I haven't been totally happy with the way the work with DPA4060s.





I've used these on COS-11 and TL40. Tricky to get on sometimes, but very effective.

I had one on a freeskii style downhill skier doing crazy jumps and tricks. i had some pretty impressive results considering! I've never tried the Rycote, so not sure how it compares. 



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I use them from time to time. As mentioned, they can be very tricky to get on sometimes. They're also very bulky. I've had instances where showing a lav is acceptable and when I wanted to use the bubblebee I was asked not to. Just too distracting - like a big giant bug on someone's shirt.

With that said, they are fairly effective. I've also wired up a skydiver using one and as they approached the ground the wind noise was almost non existant. Pretty impressive.

I think they're just another good tool in the toolbox. Not for everyday use, but when you need it you'll be glad you have it.

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I use the product with Sony ECM 77s'and they work quite effectively, just give yourself a little time to fit them ....if I have the time I will slip them over the Sony metal windscreen for a real nice fit, but they are equally effective just over the capsule! JHW

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