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Thom Shafer on boom vs lav

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I'm a believer.



So am I. I do a lot of New Magazine work for 60 minutes, 48 Hours, Dateline and Rock Center. I fly multiple Schoeps probably 95% of the time.

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jack do you run a lav as well as a backup?

Generally not. Unless specifically asked.

I find that people who want both are people who have been burnt by an inferior sound person with either bad lav or bad boom placement, or people who just don't know. But with the experienced veterans they often prefer booms for the obvious reasons.

Though there are some situations when the boom just won't work so I will run lavs for that which will be perhapps about 5% of the time,

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Which Schoeps?

It depends.

I have a pair of 641's I generally use for a one on one. I also have a MK4 that, depending on the situation, I may use to capture two people - generally a husband and a wife, sitting close together.

I also have a CMIT that I may use depending on the situation.

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i know you weren't trying to put down the other guys but this is more than just the difference between lav and boom.

lav placement, clothing noise and pretty incredible mangling somewhere in there by some nasty compressor.

depending on the placement i am sure there are examples out there where the differences are much more subtle.


i also prefer the sound of a boom mic, but i do run into the occasional director who insists on a lav just because they like that really dry closed sound. no accounting for taste i guess!






Mr. Shafer's web site, with some great technical notes (not to mention some cool other stuff): http://www.televisionsound.com


And the video:



And his comments about the video: http://www.televisionsound.com/boomsvslavs.html

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