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ACN-LS Lockit Slate - Free of charge hardware upgrade

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Hi everybody,

as promised: You talk, we listen.


We manufactured a free of charge upgrade kit for the ACN-LS to enable for one handed operation and add customizable friction to the sticks. The hardware mod will be done or organized by your local dealer. It is only a 5-10 minutes operation and the kits are either already at your local dealer or on their way.

All ACN-LS slates sold now, are of course already equipped with the upgrade.


Please watch the quick and dirty video to learn about the details:




Thank you



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Hi James,

we tried both versions and gave the slate to a lot of different clapper / loader. The first reaction when they saw it was the same like yours but once they tried it they loved it. With the vertical handle you gain a lot more control. Have you tried it, yet?

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Camera dept here, that originally rejected using the (handle-less) slate, is now calling it the "end all, be all of slates". They also commented that the slate's horizontal handle has now made it safer and easier to attach the slate to their modified painter's poles when needing to get the slate up into the air on crane shots.

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