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windjammer adjustments for MKE50

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I have a MKE50 on a boom running into my Canon C100 for field interviews. I bought a Baby Ball Gag and a Rycote Windjammer that slips over it for windy conditions. When using both my resulting sound isn't as bright, is more muffled, and there aren't many in-camera adjustments to adjust the signal to counter it. What actions can I take to help brighten the signal (either mic placement or mixer adjustments, or Logic/FCPX/Pro Tools effects to add in post)?

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That's what windjammers do, along with stopping wind noise, they color the sound. Mics always sound crisper when out in the open. The more air around the mic the better it sounds which is why a larger zeppelin sounds better then one that fits closer to the capsule.

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