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Austin Sound Twins in LA for the Summer

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Hey y'all!


My twin brother, Joseph, and I are soundies living and working in Austin, TX. We're both in the union out here and we love doing our sound thing in TX, but we decided to get out for the summertime this year (too hot in the summer and cedar is a death trap in July in Austin).


We'll be getting into LA around the 4th of July holiday, and we're not exactly sure how long we're planning on staying, but we'd love to get some work while we're out there to help pay for the trip and to get to know some of y'all doing it out in LaLaLand!


Out here, I usually mix and Joe usually booms, but ideally we'd love to pick up some Utility work out in LA! We're only 24, but we've been building the ol' kit up piecemeal for a while and after doing two features out here this year, we're getting to the point of starting to think about long-term cart design and workflow. So...basically we want to learn some new kung fu.


I know y'all have some tougher Union rules out there than we do in Texas, but if any of y'all know of a production that would be interested in sneaking us on (either day-playing or a full project) please hit me up!


Regardless, if any of y'all want to grab beers or tea or something - that'd be rad, too. 



-Erik Duemig

Twin Sound


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Welcome to LA. I'll buy the Tejas Twins a beer and shoot the shit. Let us know when you arrive.



The Tejas Twins are in LA! Schedule is pretty open (with exception to the 4th), so give me a shout about a time for beers and we'll make it on out! We're staying at a place in downtown, but have a car, so anywhere's good for us. My phone number is on my profile page.



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