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Prahlad Strickland

Juiced link 2 channel with MAXX?

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Thinking about rigging this up with my MAXX, to get a 5th and 6th input when needed.  It's really small and could be mounted onto the side of my stingray bag.


I understand since it's wired 1/8th stereo for DSLR's it would be unbalanced line level to the MAXX. 


I've heard the preamps are really nice with extremely low noise floor. 


Anyone know of any other options for small 2 channel expansion for the maxx?



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I'm looking for the same solution -I don't think this is the answer.  Those knobs seem really small, that doesn't really pair well with the MAXX's somewhat limited control of inputs 5 and 6. [i might just need more practice.]  Also, I'll bet the pre amps aren't as good as you are hoping.


The only image I can see of it says it outputs at mic level, when input 5 and 6 on your MAXX are line.


The threading on it looks to me like it is supposed to be screwed on to the bottom of a camera, thats not a great sign.



heres what i found on the cable you would need. [1/8th mini to TA5]



some options have been discussed here, one post is titled Kortwich Ver....[german word].

Im looking at the mix pre d myself, a little more expensive but head and shoulders above the juiced link option in terms of flexibility.


I would like to hear other's opinion as well - Good Luck!

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The Juiced Link has line level output as well...  the preamps are meant to be great, and extremely low noise.    But yeh,  the emergency two looks interesting or something similar.  


Why are even thinking of this?

?,  inputs 5 / 6 are line level inputs, would just give an extra 2 channels

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