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Sennheiser's new add

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Hi. please explain. What's the difference between sennheiser ew100g3  and  sennheiser ew112 g3 ? .Best regards.


Seems like the 100 kit includes a plug-on transmitter for handheld microphones while the 112 kit includes only a body pack transmitter:



But I could have this wrong.

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Back to the ad:


It sort of misses from a strategy standpoint. Yes, it makes the point that this kind of headphone loves ears, which - for the market - is valid and almost a USP. Good job.


But while we recognize the name "Sennheiser", the average buyer won't. And there just isn't enough brand ID that ad to make the name memorable, and inevitably associated with the 'loves ears' concept.


Unless Senny takes that 'loves' graphic and exploits it everywhere -- POS displays, product packaging, extra shelf space -- I don't see the ad moving much product.

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