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Wendt x5 mod - direct outs

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Not that this would necessarily be a DIY, but has anyone heard of modding an x5 to have direct outs?


I'm building a new bag and keeping an x5/fr-2 bag for back-up/"b" kit, but I'd get more mileage out of it if it had the direct outs. 

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As a rough guess I would call it possible and a pain to do well.  If it was easy Wendt would probably have done it already…  As an aside I would urge you to look at used prices of SD 442s these days, re how much work it would be to make direct outs from an X5 or the cost of paying someone to do this for you.



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Well now that I know it's doable, I just might give it a try. 


Philip, I hear you about the 442, but I don't see myself going that way, even if the cost to mod would be around equal to the difference between what I would get for the x5 and what I'd spend on the 442.  


I'm specifically thinking of occasional music recording with a 664, mostly hobby/amateur stuff. Plan A is to have a console feeding the 664, but for times when I don't have the time or space to set up a desk, I'd just use the x5 to feed the extra channels on the 664.


The only potential problem I see is there will only be a 3 position switch to adjust gain coming out of the x5....

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