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Philip Perkins

FP8 users--what do you use it for?

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I originally though I would be taking my FP8 off when not needed. But I am finding that I am leaving it on all the time and using it. 

Its functionality will depend on what I am doing. 

But mostly I am using it for input trim and or ZaxNet gain control.

Its not often that i need more than the 6 hardware faders but there has been a handful of times when I have needed the dedicated extra faders and when I did i used the FP8 for additional faders. I also fined I am using the dedicated start / stop  and PFL keys all the time, I really don't use the PFL on my nomad anymore. 

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I consistently use mine for the most part as advertised by Zaxcom since I use their QRX systems; input gain control (only for my boom), Zaxnet TX gain control, frequency adjustment, PFL, and Stop/REC. Its a panel I can't live without so mine stays on all the time.


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