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DSLR timecode

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What's the smallest Lockit type timecode box i can get for putting timecode on to a DSLR (5d)?


Need something non radio and small i can leave attached to the camera and occasionally jam sync.


Anyone using anything good?



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It's funny that I opened this thread and the banner ad was for the Moze Gear Tig Q28.

I own 2 and although I have not used on DSLR they were built with them in mind.  Audio input via 3.5mm and the unit will spit out a stereo 3.5mm signal with audio in 1 channel, TC in the other.  Scratch and TC for post.  Viola!

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Hi Chris,


I saw your post and couldn't help but respond to it.


There are a couple of features of the Q series that makes it good for DSLR's. It is very small at 2.8 cubic inches and it has an easy, non complicated work flow. It also has "flow through audio" which combines audio with timecode.  Another feature that is often overlooked but is important when working with various cameras is the wide range of the variable level output.  Both the Lemo and 3.5mm connector are locking.


Currently there are two Mozegear versions to choose from, the Q28 and QL. The only difference between the two is that the QL is less expensive since it does not have the Lemo.  It simply uses the 3.5mm as the primary connector.


Our distributor for Europe is Tanky at Audio Engineering in London.  They currently have the Q28 in stock and will be receiving the QL's shortly. If you are close you could drop in and see one.  We also have several dealers in England.  I will give you the downlink to our dealer list in case you would like to contact them:




Let me know if you have any questions.  You can also reach me at:



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