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Getting AA's out of a SD 302

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There is what looks like an eyelet in the bottom of the battery tube. I used a metal skewer to push the battery out. SD refused to send disassembly instructions as they said it was propriety information. Luckily it wasn't too hard to get in there.


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Wow, I guess this is pretty common! I had the same thing happen to my 302 once with a Lenmar 2700 mAH NiMh. Couldn't get it out on set for the life of me and had to switch to recording lav and boom straight into a 2-track without the mixer for the rest of the day. Tried the magnet, the snot-tape-on-a-stick, and some of the other ideas here - finally got it out at home later by using dental tools to pull part of the battery's foil label wrap loose enough to get hold of it with a long needle nose pliers.  After that I peeled the foil labels off all those batteries to prevent it happening again, but that brand had been working fine for me for a year prior.  Now for both my SD mixers I only power externally and use Energizer Lithiums as backup.

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