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Ambient on NAB: More Power to the Master Lockit, ASF-G hydrophone, Lockit Network GmbH, ...

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For some reason all of these informations exist.


Probably it is not for your field.


No; it's not necessesary to care all about this. Including me.


It is a nice options.


I wear my hat (for these options) and walked away quietly.






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I don't really see, why i should care about all these Metadata information! Focus, wich Lens and the other camera metadata. Will the camera department bring lockits for themselves ?

You don't have to care about what lens the camera is using, or what camera roll is up, but people in the workflow chain do care, that's why this info is still written down. I see the metadata integration as a way to help us keep accurate metadata more easily, across the entire workflow. However it's still in it's infancy and we will see how/what gets adopted in time.

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Well put. Actually it's  the very idea that you shouldn't care - the system will do that for you, if somebody requires so. It was not our intention to create additional workload but let more people participate in what is already there and share info where it makes sense.

You can go on exactly like before and the only thing you should notice is enhanced level of comfort with web page based monitoring of the Lockits, if that should fall within your responsibility.

Also, we are not only offering  a strict technical metadata system but go beyond with descriptive scene and take logging. We have productions up and running where the sound mixer just syncs up the TC while script and production use the metadata ecxchange without ever seeing the timecode radar interface. Actually he started with his trusty red box, jamming via cable each morning. That is, until he found out about the C-Jam option, now he's hooked ;)

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