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Stolen equipment

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Hi everyone, specially from LA or around.

if someone can help about this stolen equipment (full list in the PDF attached). It's a complete sound cart !

it occured during the night 2nd/3rd september in the Los Angeles area...

Thank you for our friend sound mixer "Madone" and our partner company DC AUDIO in Paris (rental).


1 MULTICOUPLER OCTOPACK + ANTENNA ALP 650       #   10221/951-754

1 RF receiver AUDIO LTD DX                                                #   808605 1/2

1 RF receiver AUDIO LTD DX                                                #   014083

2 RF transmitters SENNHEISER SK 2000                             #   SK-123440

1 recorder ZAXCOM DEVA 5.8                                              #    20214

1 accessory for Audio Ltd: VDB L-48V                                                                                 

1 lithium Battery IDX NPS/N

2 Time Code Generator DENECKE SB-T                              #     SB-TO493/94

4 Receivers kit WISYCOM MCR42                                        #      02451747/45/40/49

1 Wind screen SCHOEPS B20/W20

1 Mixer SONOSAX SX ST8D                                                 #      4330044

1 RF receiver AUDIO LTD DX                                                #      911428-5/6

1 Microphone SENNHEISER MKH60                                     #     27113

1 Microphone BEYERDINAMIC M88                                      #     35702

1 power stationDCA PMI                                                         #     P105

1 Battery DCA 12V-12A S/N

2 Microphones SCHOEPS CMIT                                            #    3906 & 1746

3 Mikes SCHOEPS CMC 6                                                     #  16929-17921-24068

1 Mike SCHOEPS CMC 6                                                       #   39064

2 Capsules SCHOEPS MK4 & MK41                                      #   56681 & 80487

2 capsules SCHOEPS MK4                                                     #  64425-70603

1 capsule SCHOEPS MK41                                                     #  94655

1 capsule microphone DANISH PRO AUDIO                          #   DPA 4080 S/N

1 SENNEHEISER headset HD 25

1 Windscreen SCHOEPS B20/W20


1 Windscreen SCHOEPS B5D ("Pavarotti")

1 DCA blue  preamp

1 Magic arm Manfrotto

1 Trolley DCA

1 Kit of cables                                           



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Blood boiling here. I hate thievery the most..I'm sure this stuff will turn up somewhere..like eBay. Enough people here watch gear deals on eBay and on the internet in general. It's a small sound world, really. BUMP!

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I'd like to hear what the conspiracy is. It's not that obvious to some. So is the suggestion a ring of international sound truck thieves? One in L.A. and another in N. Ireland?

Don't mind him.  Our terminally shy compatriot hasn't stirred things up for a bit so he's just trying to poke people with a stick.

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