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What tablet are you using for Nomad Touch

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I chose the winbook tw700, the smaller of the two recommended by Zaxcom.  It's a little lacking if you want a multi use machine, but I'm only using it for the touch software, and it works great for that. 

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So my Winbook TW700 (7" model) died on me last week. Screen turns on, meaning that the LCD lights up, but nothing comes up. This is not the first time it happens; it happened to me during the summer, but it somehow auto fixed itself by the next day. This time it's been a few days still nothing. Battery is full, and even while plugged in, it still won't turn on. Tried with the Micro SD card on and off, still nothing.

I'm ready to call it quits with this tablet and look for something else. I know others are using them without issue, but I'm just not willing to trust this particular unit anymore. At least I didn't lose more than $100 on it...

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