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Chris Durfy

Let's buy JW a night out!

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Thank you so much, Chris, for your kind thoughts and the "call to action" in support --- I appreciate the sentiment, but I hope no one really takes it seriously --- I'm doing great, I love the sound community I have been a part of for the last 48 years, and whenever I get the chance to get together with any of my sound friends and fellow workers for a good talk or a great meal, I'm buying!

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Yeah, and at the $1, $5 and 10$ level, Jeff could reward himself with a doughnut at 7-11, (2) Promo-Burgers at Micky D's (But fridays only, please), or a pretty decent lunch special at Sweet Basil Thai down the street.



PS As Chris Rock recently put it:  Leo, you made 30 million...come on !

Lets find every living celebrity Jeff has ever recorded, and hit them up for a Benny a piece.

Should work ?


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