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Chris Durfy

Orcabags OR-32 Revision

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I’ve been playing with a new pre-release version of the Orcabags OR-32 I got from the Orca bags R&D team. I built directly out of my version 1 OR-32 and I must say, I am VERY impressed with the myriad of updates!

The bag retains all of the features I really liked, like bag rigidity, accessibility and quality construction.

The updated bag has addressed some early issues that I had with the OR-32, (even as serviceable and robust as it was) and dealt with ever single issue and adding some nuances and user upgrades along the way!

  1. Main TPU Loops have been moved to the frame – This means no more drooping sides when clipping cables and accessories to the bag.

  2. All small snaps have been converted to Velcro connections.

  3. Rain flap Velcro has also been added in lieu of snaps when rain flap is in use. Finally, the flap has an addition of velcro so that it can roll up into itself and stay shut.

  4. Both zippered side access points have been converted to a larger and more accessible oval opening with extra zipper heads.

  5. Side Removable accessory pouches also lose their snaps in favor of Velcro connections.

  6. Extra Zipper Heads on all four corners allow for more cable management options.

  7. Pull tabs at velcro connections allow for easier opening of bag sides.

  8. At the top front pocket they are two Velcro straps to hold a boom pole / protector. Great addition!

    I also wanted to confirm that CF & SD cards and 1/8” Headphones input are accessible on SD 688 when mounted properly. I used some zip ties to really lock it in after leveling with the OrcaLift mounts.

Cheers Orcabags on a great revision of a great product!

Pictures on my blog at: http://blog.chrisdurfy.com/?p=657





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Being able to stash my pole is the thing I miss most since moving from a Porta Brace bag to what I have now.  The Petrol bag also has an annoying habit of falling over whenever I put it onto a flat surface.  I think I'll definitely upgrade to the Orca later this year.

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i just got myself an OR 34. it has almost all the new features Chris mentioned and yes, it is a magnificent bag; the best i have had -  and i have had a few over the years. i, too, can highly recommend them.

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