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Deva24 is not out yet but a non-working prototype was shown at NAB. Everyone was able to see and hold the recorder, see and get a feeling for the screen display (smaller than Deva but larger than Nomad), look at the feature of removable faceplate, etc. No one has used it (no built units are in anybody's hands yet) but there have been lots of comments already based on the unit on display at NAB and discussions of features and functions, etc. There are several videos that were done around the time of NAB that feature the new products from Zaxcom.

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- from Zaxcom website:

Features Include:
• Detachable face for remote applications
• Mix AheadTM fader advance of up to .5 seconds
• 24 Track recording
• 12 Mic/Line inputs with phantom power
• 4 Line level inputs
• 16 AES inputs with AES42
• Touch-screen interface
• NeverClipTM inputs with 136dB dynamic range
• 12 hardware faders
• Three recording media (1 x SSD and 2 x CF cards)
• MARF fault-tolerant recording format
• 3-Band EQ with two notch filters per channel
• Input and output delay
• 10 second pre-record buffer

Option Accessories Include:
• Mix-16 control surface with touch-screen GUI
• Oasis 8-fader control surface with touch-screen GUI

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  I guess I've been asleep, this looks badass!  You don't need a computer and you get the touch screen.  Sounds brilliant, can't wait for more info!  Like the price...

Dan Izen

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