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Rob Neidig

Wanting Final Equipment Advice

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Hi all!

I have been working for a company producing educational programs for the last several years. I am now back out in the freelance world and wanting to set myself back up for field audio. I have a fair amount of experience from my freelance life prior to going to work for this company, but have a couple of questions for those kind souls who can share some info.

So far I have put together the following gear (some purchased from JW Sound members - thanks!):

Sennheiser MKH416P48 with Rycote blimp/deadcat

Schoeps CMC641

K-tek 102CC Boom pole

Sennheiser G3 lav set with butt plug

Lectrosonics U195 lav set with Tram mic

Countryman B3 wired lav

Tascam DR680 (would not be in the regular bag, but available when iso tracks are needed)

various cables, interconnects, softies, etc.

The big thing missing, of course, is the mixer. I have used the Sound Devices 442 quite a bit, and I purchased an SD552 for the company I was working for and loved it. I plan on working mostly corporate productions, some commercial work, and maybe a little bit of local indie film production (if they have money, not just pizza). I will certainly be available for out of town producers coming in and needing an audio person, but do not plan to set myself up for every possible type of job. For example, I plan to just set up a bag, not a full sound cart. If I were in a bigger market, or had unlimited funds, I would make some different choices, but am trying to buy mostly used to save some money until I am re-established. I am thinking I would like to buy an SD552 rather than spending more money to get a 633, for instance. I could also save some money and go with an SD442 and do backup recording on a Marantz 660 I own, but that would add to the weight of the bag. I also am debating on another wireless unit. I love the U195, but the single frequency thing can sometimes be a problem. I am thinking maybe a 200-series Lectro, but could also probably just go with another Sennheiser G3 in this market. The plan is to go with a breakaway cable, unless every producer now requires a wireless hop to camera.

Thanks for hanging in on this too-long post. What do you guys think about choices for mixer and wireless?




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I have a SD552 for sale if you are interested. For wireless you could definitely go with a 200 series lectro, but they don't pop up for sale as often as 411a receivers. There are a lot of people dumping their higher band wireless to buy lower band wireless with the FCC auction going on. You can get some good deals on those bands but remember they will only be legal for a few more years. 

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