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These last months I've made stitches in the quilt that is a many-year, regular professional contact with a player of some note.

He sat with me at lunch one day after a particularly emotional beach walk and talk, hair uncharacteristically tussled since I was used to seeing it on set perfectly slicked back. Thus arose the subject of one of my favorite words: anti-macassar. That's why I knew that in the 20's men favored Macassar with which to slick their hair. The ladies didn't like what it did to the furniture and the anti-macassar was born.

See John Garrett's Cart Antimacassar pictured below.

I spent a year and a half learning to knit these things, which were originally patterned by Shakers as "dish or wash cloths" and adapted by me first as the Cart Antimacassar, then yarmulke, Desk Antimacassar, bra, thong, and today: Actor Macassar on the occasion of giving a small, portable blue/white one to this fella.

The Actor Maccassar is to protect their makeup, set and face when they beat their heads against the wall.

When I first left it with him, he put it on his middle finger as a ring and shield for the bird.

Last i saw him on his way out, he had it perched on his forehead and was laughing.

Good day.

john garrett cart antimacassar in situ.jpg

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I just learned something new: Macassar ebony is a kind of wood from Indonesia (Diospyros celebica,) and its name comes from the main port on Sulawesi island.

From what I can gather, Macassar _Oil_ is the product Jan is probably talking about. Now, whether it is actually the oil from the wood, or just borrowed the funky name, I guess Jan will have to confirm…

Thanks, Jan!

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