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SD 6 series & app knowledge in LA

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Hello all,

I'm back in LA next week, for just 2 weeks this time, but I want to have a look at SD's new App to run with 6-series recorder. 

I have found neither LSC or Trew tend to have sales people that know gear well, in the way we use it, and I don't want to just stumble through it with someone who knows about as much as I do. 

Would anyone who will have a 664 or 688 along with new dongle and app, around the weekend of the 25th, like to get together and show me the new offering? 



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Robert, I have two 6-series mixers, and am fairly well-versed in their operation. I am, in fact, thinking of ordering the dongle so as to start playing with the software. Assuming they have them in stock at Trew, I should have one installed, and be familiar enough with the "Wingman," by the time you're back in town.

In any case, I have found that Ryan Coomer at Trew is a good source of info on all things Sound Devices, and if you and I don't connect, he might be a good person to contact.



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