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Chad Peter

Boom/Mixer Op needed for short film in Galveston, TX

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Hello gang,

I'm producing a narrative short next week in Galveston, TX.  We need a boom-op / mixer for ONE DAY: Friday, September 23rd.  

Unique shoot with bare bones Los Angeles based crew (travelling) and a young "name" actress attached (she co-wrote it and will star).  Please contact me with your rate and a brief example of your experience level.  Best way to reach me is via email - chadpeter at hotmail dot com  

Thanks everybody!

-Chad P.

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No bites yet.  If there's anybody that does take this on, I'll certainly pass-on whatever knowledge I have of setting up shots for boom removal (by means of post-VFX), ala what is done on "House of Cards" (my other day job).  Details in this thread:  


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On September 15, 2016 at 0:36 PM, thelza30 said:

Hey Chad,

Galveston probably doesn't have any local mixers as Houston probably has the most work. Peruse the Texas Film Commission web site:


and call some local Houston mixers. They have some really experienced crew there. Good luck.

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Excellent, thanks for the heads up!  I'll give their listings a try.  Figured Galvaston wasn't exactly a hotbed for production.


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