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Sound Devices 633 Distortion Issues

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Hey, so I haven't found any clues to this and was hoping someone else maybe had an explanation. I was using my SD 633 the other day with a Boom and a couple of WisyCom lav's into the main three XLR inputs of the device. I also have three TA3's connected to the line inputs, but nothing was running through there at the time.

So the issues started as I shifted the bag's position, pushed a bit on the battery pack and probably onto cables at the bottom. I got these drop outs and crackles/distortions from the Lav channels, and also on the boom channel. I tested the cables everywhere and they should all be in good condition. I eventually found that the noise kicked in as I slightly pushed on the TA3 inputs, which had nothing going in, and whose lines were all turned off.

So in summary, noise coming through inputs 1 through 3, when pushing on the cables going into inputs 3 through 6. I was wondering if this is a SD 633 Issue? Anyone have any similar issues?


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Hope you've solved this problem by now but I had a similar problem and it drove me nuts. Did a car interview scene for a documentary with a high profile client and VERY limited time. Was in total fear that the tracks would have crackle all over lines rendering them unusable. Turns out it was my headphone cable! So I say give that thing a good wiggle and make sure thats not it.  I cannot imagine why you would hear noise through the TA3 inputs when they are turned off. 

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