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Early French? Wind Protection

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I picked this up recently from a colleague who has retired from the business. It works surprisingly well, there are 3 layers that can be used as required. its a metal frame with a 'stocking' type material covering.

I believe it is called a Janisse (say it with a french accent) But I am wondering if I have that wrong. Can Anyone confirm? French made, very simple, light and effective.

Janice 2.JPG

Janice 1.JPG

Janice 3.JPG

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I like the 'layer' approach as well and occasionally have an extra layer (either just a foam cap or better hollow foam wrapped in nylon) even within a rycote ... more for occasions where either I feel a stereo set or a side mic is too near the edge. I've long thought (but not yet constructed) of one day constructing some kind of giant wind tent for bigger surround arrays (both to increase wind attenuation and to balance it).

These Janisses are quite lovely looking though, and remind me of both Schoeps and Bruel & Kjaer cage shields. Is there any chance you could post a pic from the end to let us see both how the shield attaches to the cradle and how two or three layers can be fit ( ie just one side fitted so we can see down the barrel so to speak) ?


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They will be well looked after, tucked up in their cases. 

I'm not sure how old they are. The guy I got them off bought them over from europe, and he said thats what they used before Rycote wind protection became available. Anyone know when did Rycote started?

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