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Bavarian politician "robs" microphone

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I Just stumbled over this and thought I'd share it. I Wonder, what the sound person thought that moment.
The interesting part is from minute 2:38 to 2:58.


URL to Video file

It is from a German weekly political parody show "heute show".


Quick translation:

Reporter: Mr Söder, come to the CDSU, thats your only career chance now!
Söder: Many thanks, May we keep it? (the mic)
Reporter: No
Söder: I see, but we've paid the fees. (referencing public radio licence fees, the ones that finance the show)
Reporter: When Kosmala (the featured guy in the clip questioning Söders party) is on power, you'll be locked up for that
Söder: Here you are, the mic from the "heute show"... Nobody wants it?



van_der_Horst_und_die_CDSU_-_ZDFmediathek.mp4   Unlinked for possible copyright issues


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