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Chris R

Good boom stand for air travel?

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Curious what kind of boom stands you guys travel with when flying. I'm currently looking for something that's less than 27" when folded and struggling a bit on flimsiness vs size. 


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I've been using Matthews light kit stands for a long time. I'm pretty sure this is the model (or the current version of the model) I have:


Tubular legs, collapses to 27 inches, works fine with a pole. Has taken a lot of abuse over the years and still works great. Main drawback is the 27-inch footprint. I wish is was wider... but the wider stands are longer when collapsed and I already have four of these. And with a sandbag or just a shoulder bag or backpack hanging from the middle t-handle it's stable enough with a 9-foot pole on it. I don't know if I'd hang something from a handle on a crappy stand, but these Matthews are well built so no problem. 

Just finished two weeks and way too many flights & interviews with two of these stands. They held up better than I did.

Rest of the MSE kit stand line:


Screen grab of the current model MSE stand that I use:



Interested in what others are using...

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Thanks guys.


Chris I actually worked yesterday with someone with a heavy duty Lowel Uni Sr stand. Just as you said a bit heavy but seems pretty sturdy for something that folds up that small. I most likely will go this route.


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I've used the next size up Matthews kit stand from the one Jim F. is using. They are reasonably light weight and fit in a stand bag along with gobo heads and hooks attached, poles and cables. Pack the proper sized allen key with them and give the set screws a touch of locktite or silicone adhesive. This will save trouble down the road since they'll loosen during travel and the tubes will get deformed if you over tighten them. My first pair of stands lasted about 15 years and the second pair are in about year 10.

Best regards,



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