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Karl Wasserman

Stolen Equipment Alert!

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Good friend of mine, a mixer local here in NYC asked me to put this up for him. Keep your eyes peeled for those S/N's, everybody.


Thanks so much in advance!

Karl Wasserman

"I had some gear go missing from my truck, and I would like to share the serial numbers of the stolen items:
1. Sound Devices 633 SN LL0514309002
2. Lectrosonics SRB Block 21 SN 100937
3. lectrosonics UCR411a receiver block 22 SN 22398
4. Comtek M216 transmitter SN 292546
5. IDX charger SN J218635
6. IDX np-1 batts. SN bb52603/25924/52341/52602
7. Zaxcom LA3.5 TX SN 6985,
new in box, didn't even get to fire it up"

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