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Bubblebee Spacer Bubble?

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So has anyone used the Bubblebee's new spacer bubble yet? Been waiting a while now to see if anyone has done and A/B or some sort of review. How does it compare to a zeplin? From just observation it seems like it would be somewhere in the middle, better than a basic softy but not as good as a zeplin. Need to invest in a more wind protection but I figured this might be a good stop gap before I go all in. Thoughts?



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Well, let me tell you my story. I bought the Spacer Bubble in January. Used it together with a Cmit5u and a Cinela osix on one job, but heard a lot of whining and wind (in extremely light wind) so I wrote to Bubblebee. 

I sent it in for analys together with the sound files and Poul told me that there were a possible error. 

He sent me a new one with two different lengths of fur.s It arrived a couple of days ago and I haven't had the time to try it out. 

We'll see...

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I recently wrote to Bubblebee because I picked up a used Neumann RSM 190 and for the life of me could not find wind protection to fit it short of a full zepplin. None of Bubblebee's standard sizes would fit the mic, which is 30mm in diameter, but Poul wrote me back quickly and said they would be happy to custom make one for me. 

I sent him the measurements of the mic and a few weeks later a spacer bubble and two different lengths of fur arrived on my doorstep. It fit the RSM190 perfectly. 

Ive used it several times now and it's great. There is a short fur option and a long fur option. The long fur definitely seems to be a must for this. In my experience, the short fur doesn't seem to be very effective in anything but the lightest breeze. The long fur works really well in every wind condition I have used it in so far. The spacer bubble with no fur sounds great - very transparent. The furs seem to reduce a bit more high end than similar offerings from Rycote, but that can be easily EQ'd back in.

So far I love the flexibility of the system and the customer service is top notch. 


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