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Production mixer and/or Post Sound Mixer Available for Hire

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Howdy Ladies and Gents,

I'm hoping to find some work for production audio.  
I have a kit with:

  • Boom Schoeps CMIT5U 
  • 4 zaxcom wireless kits, (2 900LTs, and 2 ZHDs, and two stereo receivers.
  • Fusion 12 Deck,
  • smart slate
  • 2x Betso TC boxes
  • 5 Zaxcom comtecs,
  • and a DPA 5100 surround sound mic.


OR any post mixing gig you may need help with  (I have a studio built onto the back of my property). 

  • I have PT 12.6HD,
  • AVID S3,
  • AVID Dock,
  • and can mix in 5.1 or 7.1.  
  • Also Neyrinck's Dolby Digital 2 plugin, and a whole host of other goodies.
  • Thank you and have a great 2017!


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