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rates in London

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Hello everyone!

I need help from colleagues. I'd really appreciate any info.

I recieved a job offer for 8 months in London. This is a post production job(dialog editing, cleaning, eq, balance, sfx design, maybe foley, ect. It's kind of reality show). It's full time, 5 or maybe 6 days a week(full throttle=))I'm concerned about pay rates they offer. Could anyone from UK(London region would be great) please help me and give any tips on typical rates for this kind of job. Any info would be appreciable. I would need to relocate for this job, so I need to obtain pay rates info from the field to be sure this is gonna worth it.

Thank you! It's really important!

Have a good day


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Check out the FB group London/UK Production Sound Dept. They're very open about theirrates but don't take kindly on lowballers, just as it should be ;-) However, they're not really post folks but they can surely forward you to the right people.

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