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Sound Design & Psychology

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I was just stumbling around the net and ran into this Ted talk which I'd not seen before. Pretty basic for most people here but nicely encapsulated and makes us sound recordists think a little about the job of sound designers.


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People like me watch that opening and go "that's not the sound of rain, that's bacon", and then it's revealed it's bacon. 

It really is fun to see what you can get away with, though. I was on the sound design side of things for a while. When I was first starting out, and had a minimal sound library and tools at my disposal, I had to learn how to "fake" sounds like this and I was surprised at what worked and what didn't. The guy is right. You can fool people very easily. 


AND...people would be surprised out much natural sound is used to make "technology" sounds. The sound of the TIE fighters in star wars is actually the sound of a baby elephant. 

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