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mark kirchner

DYI Denecke TS2 TS3 Slate Handle

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I just finished my DYI slate handle for my Denecke slate. We have had a lot of rain in California so I finally completed the project. I had more time than money! There are additional posts on the topic in Manufactures & Dealers, but I my case this is a DYI project.

Tools used: Drill Press, Drills, Counter Sink Bit, Hacksaw, Files, Tap and Die and a Belt Sander.

Materials used: Scrap Aluminum, 2- Flathead Screws, 2- Roundhead Screws, Sandpaper and Lay-out Fluid.

Note: I did bore 2 small holes to mount the handle to the slate, using the original Denecke hole spacing (not seen in photos).You can see the layout lines and hole spacing/placement in the bottom image.






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Hi Steve,

Thanks! I enjoy building and problem solving. If I don't get into the workshop often, I get rusty (tools too). Mirror Image makes a very nice handle for the Denecke slate. 



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