New K-Tek Stingray Holders for Zaxcom ERX

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Hi all,

after we received a lot of feedback regarding our original ERX holder, we've chosen to split the functionality.
We are now offering 2 different versions of the Stingray ERX Holder:

  • KSERX2 (for mounting only) features a removable ¼-20 threaded insert and Velcro backing
  • KSERX3 (for wearing only) features a swivel belt clip

So, if you are planning to hand your ERX to the Director use the KSERX3. If you're planning to mount your ERX to a camera use the KSERX2's Velcro to stick it to the back of the monitor or a magic arm via the 1/4-20 insert.

The Silicone Holder remains unchanged and still offers additional protection for your investment; the oversized top lip protects against accidental bumping of the knob/switch.

Both KSERX2 and KSERX3 have a Listprice of $40 and should sell in the US for $38. They are available now! 
Call your local K-Tek dealer or check it out on our Webpage at: 


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Looks good. How about a case for the zaxcom 742 ?

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Thanks for the suggestion... we'll be putting our thinking cap on ;-)

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