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Tony Burns

COS-11D extremely attenuated

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Hello all, I just received my COS-11D (of the Sennheiser TRS variety) today and to my dismay, the signal seems to be extremely attenuated in all manners of connecting it to my recorder/camera. I've tried the following so far, and all of them result in a signal that's peaking around -32Db, even with the gain on the recorder or camera turned all the way up (Zoom H5 or Canon C100):

  • RodeLink Filmmaker with the extra +20Db gain on the transmitter turned on
  • Senal PS-48B-35H Phantom Power Supply plugged directly into either an XLR input on the recorder or the camera with +48V phantom power turned on

I'm sure that I've missed something silly or done something idiotic, but I'm at a loss right now as to what.

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Open the barrel on the TRS connector and check the wiring. You should have the white and ground wires together on the TRS ground connection, the black wire goes to the short tab, that's the tip connection. That has always worked for every COS-11 that get's connected to a wireless transmitter.

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