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PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

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1 hour ago, John Ronnerblad said:

Thanks! Could you please do me a favor and compare the screws on the bottoms of the old and new? 


I have this mount and wonders if it would fit the new six pack as well:





I try to do it when I'll be back in the office on Monday, I'm not sure we have some "old" model in the warehouse now -they may be all out for rent.


Also, I'm trying to figure out if this "new" model is made just for Sennheiser EK6042 and the "old" one will still be available eventually or is the only one on the market from now on.

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I have a new one and the Tim White hinge for my X3 , the holes don’t line up . I had to drill new holes and take apart the PSC to mount it, a pain to do but it works fine now.

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On 7/28/2017 at 11:14 PM, Brian said:

What bag size is that?  I have an Cantar x-3 that I want to use the PSC six pack with.  Looks like the Orca 42 is the one, but curious to know which one is in this picture.



That Tim Whites hinge looks sweet for the x3. Might pick one up but I'm still finishing a personal hinge which will house a similar receiver rack for zax. The Orca bag for the x3 doesnt convince me though some people like it. Kortwich has some great bags as does a canadian company up in Montreal all of which incorporate the PsC rack we're talking about.

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On 21.9.2017 at 12:14 PM, Audiolambda said:


another issue is that the RF cables are at a shorter distance now so Wisycom PSC custom flanges can't be used anymore. We addressed the issue today to Wisycom as they were unaware of that. Check the picture: the old model is the one with the MCR42 receivers and the metal flanges are perfect for it while as you can see they can't be used with the new model.



Just talked to my distributer here in Germany and Wisycom is working on the Problem and will have new PSC custom flanges within the next 6 weeks. They will not charge you an extra for the new one, you just have to send them your old.

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