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jason porter

DIY SR Sleeve

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When not using my SRb in a camera slot (AKA all the time) I just Velcro it to the camera.  The problem is, the upper part of the receiver has screw holes that act like bumpers, making it so you can't get solid surface contact against the camera/battery body.  It's also annoying having to always be ripping off Velcro every time I do end up using it in a slot.


I downloaded Google's SketchUp, grabbed my micrometer and designed a simple "sleeve" for my cam hop.  Then I found a website that pairs 3d printer owners with dorks like me so that I don't have to buy a printer and deal with all the headaches (that being said...I'm gonna buy one!).  Cost me $20 (Canadian!) and I picked a service that was close to my house to save on delivery charges.

Surprisingly, it fits perfectly, it's lightweight and feels durable.  Now, all that I can think about are more projects!





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Cool! I really like Sketchup though it's been long enough now I think I've forgotten how to use it.


For non-DIYers BEC group makes the same thing out of aluminum and is drilled with mounting holes to attach it to a bracket. More like $70-90 though but will last forever. 

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