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Good Real Estate Deals Here - Quiet, No Neighbours, Buyer's Market :-)

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Hi All, 

This is so strange to me - boggles my mind. What's your take on this?

They've recreated a bit of England, Paris and left Manhattan unfinished.

As the gentleman narrating the video suggests, this has got to have some kind of world wide trickle down effect. People living in squalor in other places in the world and then you have this... humans can be pretty messed up in their thinking.

Cheers everyone.... keep well :-))



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Skateboarders have been tapping into this for about 8 years now.  SO many spots to skate without being hassled.

Theres even taxi cab drivers who know the skate spots and will show teams around.


The guy in the video also suggest China doesn't care about anything when they're now the #1 solar power.

Otherwise I think one of the great things that makes us human is mistakes.  Smart people look at the mistakes of others as opportunities and fix them.  Cynics sit on youtube with a bad mic and point out mistakes of what others who do.  

Give it 20 years until a new generation sees it as something fun.  



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51 minutes ago, soundmanjohn said:

Just one other little thing: Over here in London, we pronounce our River Thames as 'Tems' rather than the way it's spelt.



Yep. The video lost me when he mispronounced Thames. 

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