Travelling kit for ambient recording (silent source)

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One simple question (and other related questions):

Does humidity damage LDC mics permanently? (or similar fragile mics)...

or....  Does humidity damage these mics gradually.... over a (very) long time of exposure to humidity?

or... Humidity affects these mics temporarily. Meaning, if I travel in a misty/humid place, I could record with them (albeit noisy), but as soon as the air dries, these mics will come back to their noiseless state, with no harm done.    ?

And..same question(s) as applied to temperature.

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1 hour ago, Constantin said:

Oh I see. Maybe it's a perceived prestige thing

Like a box of Cohibas.

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I modified some off-brand LDCs in the past with the Scott Dorsey circuit which replaces the Hi-Z amp with a good quality FET transistor.  The input impedence of the FET was 1000 MegaOhms, i.e. 1GigaOhm.   The original circuit had a mere 200MOhm resistor.   After soldering the parts to the board, it took several attempts with the cleaning fluids to get the mic to work - any contaminents caused leakage and thus reduced the output level signficantly.   Moisture has the same effect.    Drying out should certainly revive the mic, unless the filament of the condensor itself has warped.

I believe the quality of the early Neumanns had a lot to do with the attention to detail paid when tensioning and screwing down the gold foil to the mount.

Prolonged/Severe moisture has the extra problem of seeping into the screw threads holding the filament tight, at which point the microphone will not revive its previous specs after drying, because of uneven warping.

If you are expecting to be in humid environments, going downscale on the microphone and carrying a backup might be a good idea.

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