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Beachtek Issues (No XLR Audio)

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This is my issue with the XLR box. It simply stopped working out of nowhere. 

The audio bar on the video recorder doesn't fluctuate and the 48V of power doesn't light up when I speak through the mic. So I think something is wrong with the box but have no proof. I have two mics and they don't flash when hooked up and talking. They should when someone speaks into a mic.



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I'll go and test it out. I tried everything. Any idea as to why the 48V lights aren't flickering whatsoever?

I used to use a 8.4V battery for the longest time with no problems and then tried a 9V after the setup stopped working. The manual recommended a 9V. The original battery was rechargeable, too.

Final photo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xnbh1wiiiks2s98/20170410_021504.jpg?dl=0

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