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NEW: Zaxcom RX-12R - Rack Mount

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Just bumped into the RX12R user guide.


I'm not understanding the choice of having the modules analog outputs divided between XLRs and DB25 connectors: if I understand correctly, A side of the receivers will be outputted from the XLRs, B side from the DB25. It seems a little bit strange to me.

Moreover, I'm not really understanding the AES output functions of the second DB25 connector (anyway, it is not available at the moment due to the AES combiner board that is not currently available).


Moreover, I'm not able to understand how a Stereo Transmitter could be outputted (by analog or digital), and by which connectors, since it seems to me that only 2 channels could be outputted from a single module, not 4 as required in this case.


Just thinking...

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