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The Selection: Special Operations Experiment

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I'm just seeing this comment, yes I am on here.  Did you get a chance to see the show or just read this article?  It was a challenging but fun shoot, and I was lucky enough to work with an amazing crew.

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Hi Nico,

I watched the first episode (illegal - oops) after reading the article from DPA. For this type of workflow and conditions, sounds good to my ears. Hint: English isn't my native language, so I watched without subtitles. So, questions coming to my head; if you have time to answer will be beautiful.

- The workflow was 1:1 in terms of "field units"? I mean, 1 Camera Op - 1 Sound Op?
- Time management of putting lavaliers on instructors
- Sending T/C or Wireless Camera Hop to cameras and video recorders

I am looking forward to watch the second episode!

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