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Bag/Ditty for wires and transmitters

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Hey guys, i am currently using a pelican case for my wires and transmitters but its a bit bulky and heavy for the job. I was wondering what others use? I have been thinking about getting a camera ditty bag as an option. What do you all store your lav's in as well? I have been using those small blue boxes from Gotham but they aren't the best in my opinion. I currently carry 9 transmitters, a bunch of lav's, waist/thigh/ankle packs, undercovers, lithium AA's etc. Even with cleaning it out and thinning it between shows it always seems jammed. Cheers

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I use this (I think I may have posted this before):




Lower bit with foam contains transmitters, belts, a few batteries and other bits and pieces. Upper part holds tapes, scissors, and a small area for trash. It also holds sticky stuff, and lots of other things. Everything I need for wiring always in one light place ready to go. So far it has been able to withstand rain, sand and falling down. On bigger jobs it slots into my small tower of TStak pieces, but works fine on its own, too. I could also drop it into a large-ish backpack if I needed it to



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