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Sonosax Australia

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Soundequip was recently appointed the Australian distributor for Sonosax, as mentioned under "Manufacturers & Dealers".  As such, we have an learning curve in front of us.  It would be really appreciated if members could suggest what Sonosax models you use for what applications, such as docos, reality TV, commercials, TV drama, theatrical release.  There might be combinations of models that are suitable for a couple of different types of jobs you do.  Thanks guys and girls.
John Rowley

Soundequip Australia 

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Hello John, i am using a r4+ for documentaries and shorts. Also for commercials and corporate shootings. As a second unit I use sometimes my Minir 82 like stereo ambiance recording+mixing desk stereo output timecoded with the r4+. I also have old school sennheisers 416T microphones and still keep my SX-PR to power them and always really enjoy this pure analog machine.

Best wishes for your new start!

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