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Holy hot Damn! Documentary film "Unacknowledged" #1 on iTunes for 6 weeks and counting.

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fieldmixer, you're giving the US government too much credit with secrecy and other aspects.


I know it's kinda comforting to think you're above us all and are aware of these momentous revelations, but there are quite a few people who are far smarter than you and me, who understand that the Rosswell incident is much ado about nothing.


Yes, I've read a lot about this and other incidents, and found that the common sense explanation that makes sense is simply that there are many ingorant people out there who came up with outlandish stories.


Do you also think that 9/11 was an inside job? That no planes crashed into the buildings? Point me to any historical event (JFK's assasination comes to mind) and I'm sure we'll find a bunch of inconsistencies and unexplained tidbits.


People are horrible witnesses. I've seen it in court and I've seen it in my own life. We misremember (sometimes inexplicably badly,) our prejudices color our recollection, we change our story, etc. These are the facts. Before becoming a mixer I worked as a court interpreter, and I can tell you - it's shocking. Now we're talking about events that happened decades ago. You expect witnesses to keep their stories straight, especially if they're bullshit? Good luck.


Please accept the fact that there's been no UFOs in NM, or alien abductions, and move on with your life.




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