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LA Post-Audio Houses?

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Hey Everyone,

This is my first post, although I've been around JW Sound absorbing wisdom for a few months now.

I'm headed to LA this fall for my last semester at Emerson College and I've been looking for Post-Audio houses to reach out to for potential internship or apprenticeship opportunities. If anyone has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you in advance, and you guys are awesome. JW Sound has gotten me out of quite a few pickles in the field already, and I appreciate how supportive the community is. 

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When I first moved to LA in 2001 I was an intern at Dantracks. At the time we were working on 13 Ghosts, The Matrix Reloaded, and a bunch of other stuff. I just looked at their website and they haven't really updated in a long time, but it's worth reaching out to them. I know at the time they prided themselves on their internship program. I got to see and do a lot of stuff that was really cool. My very first day I was on a Foley stage watching John Roesch (amazing Foley artist) do Foley on 13 Ghosts. 


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