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Ty Ford

murky dialog -- Noah Timan

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Ty Ford   

Jeff Wexler was talking the other day about how Peter O'Toole's voice could be heard at a whisper a block away.


I was diving into old movies last night and watched part of the first Pink Panther film and then Alice B. Toklas - It was a Peter Sellers night.

Via streaming over a Chromecast, I found the first film moderately unintelligible and about half of Alice B. Toklas the same. Some actors popped out a bit but half were in the mud. Too much in the 100-300Hz range, if I were to guess. Do you think that was a bad transfer somewhere up the line?


We were also discussing Jim Cavizel's whispery dialog on "Person of Interest" and how difficult it must be to catch his voice. Jan McLaughlin said Noah Timan did the work on that show and it won him an Emmy nomination. I don't know if you've ever watched the show, but it's a miracle how much separation he gets given how quietly Cavizel speaks. Noah, if you're around, can you tell us how you do that?




Ty Ford

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