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Power Supply swapper advice please

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I am hoping to receive advice on what I need. I want to connect two power supplies -12v and -30v to my Nagra 4.2 and be able to switch between the two using a switch. 


I imagine two power supply inputs and one output connecting directly into the Nagra.


Could someone tell me what this would be called and if a product exists, I imagine the tuchel connectors would need to be installed. 


Really hope to be able to realise this. 


Thanks in advance

Mark C

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This could be done, but I don't know of anything commercially available like that, so it would have to be a custom build. Since you specified -12V, you seem to already know that the Nagra 4.2 has a positive ground. Keep in mind that while 12V will operate the Nagra 4.2 with full specs, the rewind function will be very slow with 12V.

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Hi Glen and thank you very much for your reply. Could you please advise me which pin or pins i need to connect the negative power to. Is it just the negative to 5? So no positive connection?

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 9.25.31 am.png

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