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Jack Norflus

Lost / Stolen Gear

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I just had a bag go missing yesterday in it was:

Zaxcom RX200 (SN 2581) - with BEC box and assorted cables

TSC slate serial (SN 739) with soft bag and assorted cables

2 IDX NP1 batteries (SN 62477 and 62479)

Zaxcom ERX in Orca pouch (SN 2900)

Versa Flex harness


Please let me know if you see any of this stuff turn up

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Thanks all for the generous out pour of support - it turns out that the bag was abandoned not far from where it was taken from. Apparently turned in by a good Samaritan. And quite the pleasant surprise all my gear was still there. There was only a few items missing and nothing was of any real value.

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