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Safdie Brothers Talk About Audio on 'Good Time'

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On 9/15/2017 at 2:37 AM, Nathaniel Robinson said:

That would be a very off-putting conversation to have with a director. To have all of my equipment decisions (based on actual use and careful discrimination) immediately up-ended by someone who read about a mic somewhere online....

Would throw up so many red flags!
Don't know if they'd be easy to work with.... :-o Could be a difficult time on set trying to do your job with them interfering. 

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16 hours ago, Jay Rose said:

It would be fun to do sync dialog with lip mics. 


Well, not "fun" exactly, since the actors would be holding the mics. You'd certainly get a tight sound.


The fun would be when the various picture departments start saying "we can't get a good close-up because of sound!" 


Turnabout and all that...   ; )

On today's shoot the DoP (somewhat jokingly) complained about my plant mic being in shot (after I'd just checked before that shot with him that it wasn't!), my response: 
"It was your camera that put my mic in shot not me!" :-P

Ah if only it was always that way round.....  camera's fault for having the mic in shot, not our fault for having it there!

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Despite this odd interview I really enjoyed the movie! On top of directing, one of the bros also played a lead role in the film. I'm curious if it was a OMB doing sound on set - don't think I saw a boom op credit in there

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