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PSC Powercon/Speakcon

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I'm looking at redoing my current power distro setup on my cart.  I noticed a lot of PSC products have battery inputs via Powercon/Speakcon connectors but I don't see any ready made products for v-mount/d-tap to powercon connectors.  I'm assuming this would be something I'd have to make myself?  Any reason it would be a bad idea?  I already have a few 190wh V-Mount batteries I could use if the AC were to shutdown so I'm thinking the Cart Power II would be fine for me rather than investing in one of their products that has it's own battery.

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Powercon/speakons are pretty easy to make. The main difference is that powercon is specifically rated for A/C power max 20amps and speakons are not rated for A/C power. I use several

of both and they are great because they lock so you don't have to worry about them getting pulled out. I order connectors from markertek. They stock both. 

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